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Every Parti-Poodle Puppy is an AKC Registered Toy Poodle
Here at  parti-poodle. com we have puppies available most  of  the time.   From  time to  time we have adult toy  poodles  for  sale. We try  to  specialize  in  Parti-Poodles. Tea cup Poodles as well as TinyToyPoodles 
are classified as 
Toy Poodles
 by AKC.
Parti-Poodle Express
Morgan's Minis
Darell & Suzanne Morgan
     12861 SE 100th Ave
Belleview, FL  34420
If you  are looking for quality AKC poodles for sale tiny toy poodles, toy poodles, toy poodle puppies, teacup poodle puppies, poodle puppies; our puppies are healthy and come in all colors so if you are looking for a parti poodle puppy,  parti poodle,  black poodle,  black poodle puppy, phantom poodle,  phantom poodle puppy,  apricot poodle,  apricot poodle puppy, white poodle, white poodle puppy, red poodle,  red poodle puppy, or other unique poodle colors you have come to the right place, or if you are just needing poodle information, information on poodle groomingpoodle puppy trainingpoodle namespoodle health, poodle sizespoodle training, you have found the poodle puppy website that has it all. 

Tell a friend about this page  the  site  of   Morgan's  Minis.  I  am  Suzanne  Morgan.   My  husband,  Darell  and  I  have been busy these past couple of years. The puppy industry has been  an exciting ride and it has been fun getting acquainted with you  and welcoming you as our customers. Some of you just dropping a line for advice or to tell me how you enjoy the website. Thank you each and everyone. Without you there would be no point. We hope to keep satisfying you with our puppies. We feel we have some of the best puppies out there as far as quality, temperament and beauty. Our  breeding ethics are quite simple. We do not interbreed. Which means we do not breed mother to son, father to daughter, etc. It just makes for healthier dogs. We are very careful how we breed. Our dogs are AKC registered and come with complete health certificates, with all their up to date shots, including rabie shots, good for 1 year. We love our puppies dearly and your soon to be puppies will be raised and cared for with much love and care from  the  moment they are born until the time you get them in your home. Some  of  you have already experienced that and have already  received some of our precious babies. Haley in Anchorage, Alaska,  Jean  in Concord, Ca., Beverly in The Villages, Fl  and Cathy in Clermont, Fl, just to name  a  few. When purchasing a puppy, keep it simple. Do you want a male or female? What color do you want? Do you really care about what size he or she will grow to be? Find yourself a good breeder who you are comfortable talking and dealing with, which I can assure you, you have already found and than last of all, is it a price within your budget? Remember, this new found little friend will be your life long companion and give you years of love and enjoyment. They are worth every penny. They have been a real stress reliever for me. After a hard day at work, or taking care of a sick loved one, or whatever your circumstance is, coming home to this little guy or girl just has a way of relaxing your nerves and relieving all of your stresses! You'll end up with at least 2, because to watch them play together is so amusing. They can literally entertain you for hours! Continue to browse the website and email me or call.  I would  love  to talk to you. In the meantime, have a great day and God Bless you!--------Suzanne
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