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Did you know? 

The Poodle is the national dog of France. 

The Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three varieties. 

The words Standard, Miniature, and Toy are used to denote size only. All of these are one breed. 

Poodles are known for their work retrieving capabilities in the water. 

So you want to own a Poodle? 

The Poodle's coat lends itself to a variety of hair styles. Most of which derive from their duties as a retriever where shorn to protect their joints in cold water. 

The Poodle is very active, intelligent, and elegant.
Breeders of Fine Toy, Tiny Toy, & Teacup Poodles
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Poodles are among the most intelligent dogs you can own.  

Originally from Germany, Poodles were used as hunting dogs for bears (believe it or not!) because of their sharp minds quick responses, and their fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds.  These same traits also make poodles great home protectors in this day & age..  


Poodles do not shed and are hypoallergenic.  People who have allergies to dogs and cats can usually own a poodle without difficulty.  Because poodles have no body dander, fur, or odor, they are perfect gentlemen and ladies in your home.  Poodles are mild mannered yet protective and make great family watchdogs.  They are also wonderful with children.  (Our puppies are raised from birth with daily contact with our two children, Olivia (15) and Jacob (13) who help feed, train and care for our babies.)


Poodles come in three AKC recognized sizes:  StandardMiniature, and Toy.  No other breeds were used to obtain these specific sizes.  they come in a variety of colors:  Cream, White, Black, Brown, Silver, Blue, Apricot, Red and Silver Beige - as well as our favorites, the occasional Partie's ( a mix of two colors ) and Phantoms.

The Standard Poodle, the Largest of the three must be over 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulders.  

Miniature Poodles are mid-sized and must be under 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulders with a minimum height in excess of 10 inches.

Toy Poodles are the smallest and must be 10 inches or under at the highest point of the shoulders.  Smaller than the Toy Poodle are the Tiny Toy and Teacup Poodles which are not separately classified by AKC as of yet.  An adult Toy Poodle's normal weight range is between 6 and 8 pounds.   The Tiny Toy adult will weigh between 4 and 6 pounds while the Teacup Poodle will top the scales at between 2 & 4 pounds with three pounds being the average.

dog breeders of fine toy poodles
Morgan's Minis
12861 SE 100th Ave
Belleview, Fl  34420
Suzanne & Darell Morgan
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